Z-Plus is the unique mixture of higher derivative of silicon
It strengthens the cell walls of plant to protect it against disease. It improves cell divisions in crop.

Z- PLUS Reduce the negative effect of excess of minerals
Z- PLUS Decrease environmental stress
Z- PLUS Increase resistance to pathogens
Z- PLUS Improves plant growth and quality
Z- PLUS helps in resistance to drought by reducing water loss.
Application of Z- PLUS improves leaf erectness, and improves photosynthesis efficiency


Fusion is unique mixture of seaweed extract,humic acid and natural vegetable proteins.
Fusion improves plant’s nutrient uptake.
Fusion enhances seed germination
Fusion helps in root formation
Fusion is an effective soil enhancer
Fusion helps the plant to increase C:N ratio.


Super fusion is a composition of five elements.
Super fusion helps plant to strengthen cell walls to protect it against disease.
Super fusion increases availability of minerals.
Super fusion attack soil minerals and accelerate their decomposition.
Super fusion works as soil conditioner.
Super fusion provides better resistance to stress.
Super fusion helps crop for more flowering.


Microvit-3G is a gluco protein compositio. 
Microvit-3G helps plant take up micronutrients in very short period of time.
Microvit-3G improves immune system of plant.
Microvit-3G works better in reverse climatic conditions like heavy temperature, high ph, draught etc. to provide essential nutrients.
Microvit-3G helps plant to generate new growth.
Microvit-3G provides better resistance to stress.
Microvit -3G helps to overcome short fruit lenghts..


DRAG is extract of macro marine algae
DRAG works as soil conditioner , mineral supply and biostimulant.
DRAG helps in root formation. (Plant hormones, Polyphenol, carbohydrates)
DRAG helps to increase yields.( Plant hormones, Amino acids, minerals)
DRAG provide better resistance to stress.(Sugars, Plant hormones, minerals, Antioxides)
DRAG gives better shelf life to harvested vegetables and fruits.


Brisk is higher lignite derivative in liquid form which is effective for instant results
BRISK helps break up clay and compacted soils, assists in transferring micronutrients from the soil to the plant, enhances water retention, increases seed germination rates and  percentages, and stimulates development of microflora populations in soils. It improves the  performance of marginally fertile soils, of soils with low native organic matter, and of crops grown in arid regions.
BRISK Buffers and helps neutralize both acid and alkaline soils by charged colloidal particles, referred to as micelles (micro-cells) which give rise to a phenomena known as the ionic double layer. Helps improve cation – anion exchanges.

Benefits of BRISK:

Brisk gives instant results During opposite climatic conditions by higher nutrition uptake 
Brisk enhances water holding capacity of soil.
Brisk can be used At any stages of crops like flowring, fruit setting,harvesting 

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CN++ is higher lignite derivative known as potassium humet.
CN++ Attack soil minerals and accelerate their decomposition, thereby releasing essential nutrients as exchangeable cations.
CN++ Aids in root formation
CN++ Stimulates plant enzymes and hormones
CN++ Accelerates seed germination
CN++ Improves soil fertility and soil microbial activity
CN++ Promotes plant nutrient uptake
CN++ Promotes antioxidant activity
CN++ Improves uptake of nutrients and water by plants.
CN++ An effective soil enhancer
CN++ increase crop yields
CN++ is Environmentally safe